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Our Story


Over the years, the Olley's encountered frustration from people who found themselves unable to take part in certain activities following an injury or illness. They wanted to help.

Tony's daughter Kayleigh had a friend at school called Karen who is deaf. Kayleigh decided to go to night school to learn BSL, to better communicate with her friend. This set Kayleigh off on a path to college, where she found her calling studying Health and Social Care and then later to Hope University in Liverpool, to do a degree in Disability studies, Childhood and Youth Studies.

As she worked her way up to Operations Executive at a large care providing company, Kayleigh and her Father put their heads together, and came up with the idea of Barmouth Beach Club. A holiday centre that is suitable and accessible for all. They seized upon the opportunity when Ceilwart Bungalow became available.

How it all started

Barmouth Beach Club started out life as a Girl Guides Clubhouse known as Ceilwart Bungalow. Tony Olley ran a small construction company that originally acquired the site in 2011. The initial idea was to refurbish the existing building to make holiday accommodation accessible to all. The original plan was much more modest than the development we have today, with dormitory style accommodation.

Once work began on the refurbishment, it was decided that the building was not safe. Demolition of the clubhouse was the best course of action, and it was back to the drawing board. With the project now at the design stage, it was possible to create a purpose built space for the visitors that we want to enjoy time with us.

Barmouth Beach Club's mission statement is to provide holidays for people living with disability at heavily discounted prices or in a lot of cases free to the end user. We will not only provide holidays whilst our guests are here. Our support team will get to know them to find out about their problems, establish what their hopes and dreams are. Through our network, we aim to help them to resolve issues and achieve their goals.

If they need: training, transport, specialist equipment or just someone who understands to lend a listening ear, we will be here to do everything we can to help.

Do you know someone who would benefit from a stay at Barmouth Beach Club? Whether through physical or mental disability or purely lack of opportunity, Barmouth Beach Club is here to help.

Please use the Contact Us form to nominate your deserving person(s) for the chance of a complimentary holiday in beautiful Barmouth.

We hope you will agree that the result has been worth the wait. We are proud to present Barmouth Beach Club and look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones here soon.

Where To Find Us

Contact Us

We're always happy when people get in touch in with us. You can do so via the information below - or alternatively you can complete the Contact Us form, and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Address:North Promenade, Barmouth, LL42 1BJ
Telephone:(01341) 281 185
E-mail: E-Mail Us

Support Our Work

If you would like to make a donation,every single penny is gratefully recieved and will go directly to furthering our work.

Connect With Us

To see more about what we do, or to keep updated with Barmouth Beach Club progress, please check out our social media pages below. Each page will open in a new window or tab.

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